OZ, Turn the Cross Upside Down (1984, Typhon Wave)

The skull:
Same photo session as Skull7, just a different angle. So, the skulliness is still mighty high, despite the lack of blood and fire from the Fire in the Brain cover. It is, ironically, an unoriginal, unimaginative choice for a Big Dumb Skull cover. Also, nothing about a cross or the inversion thereof is reflected in the artwork. Still, a skull in Quorthon’s hand is worth more than a whole pile of skulls any day.

The music:
“Turn the Cross Upside Down” is a classic song…amazing that it didn’t land on Fire in the Brain. This version comes from the Scandinavian Metal Attack compilation, and the other two songs on this EP are the Fire in the Brain versions of “Gambler” and “Search Lights.” Top-notch dark heavy metal from the early days.
–Friar Wagner

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