SKULL, Beer, Metal, Spikes (2005, Utterly Somber Creations)

The skull:
One could assume these Colombians were presaging a Big Dumb Skull website one day, naming themselves accordingly and slapping an utterly somber skullirific skull on their tape cover, just for us! And for the bonus glory! How kind. 1000% 10-out-of-10 A++ awesomeness here, from the band name to the plain ol’ big dumb skull on the cover. ‘Nuff said!

The music:
Spinal Tap attempting to play Venom covers? Man, this is rough, but if you like early Vulcano and early Sodom, you might get something out of this primitiveness. The questionable English skills add an element of unintentional comedy: “Demential Force,” “Thrasher (or What?).” (It’s way better than my Spanish, I’ll admit.) Harmless and kind of enjoyable, but ultimately more fun to look at than listen to.

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