VOETSEK, Voetsek  (2005, Deep Six)

The skull:
Looks like a raging troublemaker of a skull, this guy…horns, sharp fangs, wings. And he’s apparently laughing at YOU, cuz YOU are the one about to meet a horrible fate. This skull is gonna live forever. The lopsided eyes make this skull look that much more demented. The color is orange rust, not too far away from the color of dried blood. YOUR blood. Shit, even the band logo includes umlauts over the O and an upside down cross. Holy hell.

The music:
Amazingly, this EP is not all that metal in sound, despite the cover. At this stage Voetsek were more punk than metal, but their speed-freaked ferocity is something any fan of rabid thrash can get their teeth into. Eight songs blaze by in six minutes here, but it’s their later stuff that has a more metallic feel. This is their early Suicidal Tendencies to their later Cryptic Slaughter, if you know what I mean.
— Friar Wagner

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