INFERNOISE, Hellriders  (2006, self-released)

The skull:
Swear we’ve seen this picture, this very same skull before. It probably comes up near the top if you type “skull” and “images” into Google. It’s missing a few teeth and looks bored hovering there in the black, circled in yellow and thinking “this release is so obscure, no way am I going to be discovered running around with this low-rent crew.” But then he didn’t count on us skull-hunters at BDS. This is big, this is dumb…and lotsa yellow too!

The music:
This short-lived Spanish band were produced by Stratovarius guitarist Timo Tolkki at one point. The music on this mercifully short three-song EP sounds like the tossed off junk from Pantera’s final album. Or any post-Power Metal Pantera, really. Infernoise, then, is groove metal with thrash elements that has absolutely no reason to exist. The vocalist really, really wants to be Phil Anselmo too. About as much creativity went into this music as the cover idea. C’mon, people, give us something we can use here!
— Friar Wagner

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