VOMITOR, Bleeding the Priest (2002, Metal Blood Music)

The skull:
Although it’s probably supposed to look like it was photocopied (or Xeroxed, as we’d have said in 1986) a dozen times to remove any nuance of shading, this is surely just some skull scanned from a book (or another demo!), with the colors reduced to two in Photoshop. As with all things, it’s way easier to be cult in this day and age than it used to be.

The music:
Possessed meets Bathory. Sloppy as shit, derivative as fuck, pointless as hell. I’m sure you can already hear it in your head: buzzy guitars, tinny drums, reverberated vocals. There isn’t a single original idea or riff on this entire album, although first half of “Reaper’s Carrion” is pretty cool, before it turns into some terrible Obsessed By Cruelty outtake. This is so stupidly oldschool that this 2002 release was reissued on cassette in 2013. I look forward to the flexi box set packed in a Trapper Keeper that’s set to be released in 2016. Based on all the surface details, I assumed Vomitor were Brazilian, but the internet assures me they’re Australian, which really just makes them the poor man’s Slaughter Lord, nearly 20 years late. A dubious distinction, that.
— Friar Johnsen

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