UNHOLY GRAVE, Revoltage (2007, Agromosh)

The skull:
A skull with a neckbeard. What will they think of next? The horns feel a bit like lily-gilding, but I guess the artist just got on a roll that study hall, or maybe the parole hearing went on a lot longer than expected, and the horns just happened. And all that other bony crap littering up the cover. I’m sure this will look really nice on someone’s shoulder, next to a Crass logo or something.

The music:
Unlistenably noisy crust grind. It sounds like it was mastered boombox-to-boombox. EVERYTHING is distorted, all the time. The only thing I own that I can even remotely compare to this garbage is an old Hellbastard demo, and while I don’t take any special enjoyment from that, it’s a classic for the ages by comparison to Unholy Grave. Perhaps not surprisingly, Unholy Grave put the absolute minimum amount of care and effort into their recordings, having produced one hundred and forty demos, singles, splits, EPs and LPs in the last 20 years. Only the good die young.
— Friar Johnsen

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