LOS PIRATES, Heavy Piracy (2009, self-released)

The skull:
A pretty standard-issue skull and crossbones, and certainly very on-the-nose for a pirate metal band. The rope is a weird, pointless, and ugly addition, so at least there’s that. Would it have been so hard to at least try to make it look like the image existed on the faux-parchment beneath it? Otherwise, why even have a backdrop like that? But, half-measures are the mark of a good BDS, I suppose. Or if not a good one, at least a typical one.

The music:
Assuming the worst, as is my general police regarding pirate metal, I was pleasantly surprised by Los Pirates. I’m reminded of mid 90s Rage: highly melodic but not cloying power metal, with shockingly great vocals. Really, Andy Brevi is better than 99.99% of all power metal vocalists out there now, and not only does he have a pleasing voice, his melodies are strong and catchy. Some of the songs, for sure, lay on the yo-ho-ho a little thick, but it’s a little strange to hear a pirate metal band taking their music and work seriously, which leads me to wonder why on earth they chose to shackle themselves to such a ridiculous concept? Why would anyone willingly invite comparisons to the execrable Alestorm? A new name and a new theme would benefit Los Pirates immensely, but in the meantime, I will be buying this forthwith (or at least trying.)
— Friar Johnsen

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