DISHARMONIC, Infernal Messengers (2001, demo)

The skull:
It’s hard to tell from the crappy low-res image (this cover seems to have been scanned and posted to the internet only once) but it looks like a bad screen-cap from a shitty old horror movie. Or maybe it’s just a smiling skull hanging out on some rocky European beach. His infernal message is, “Party hard!”

The music:
While the internet can offer at least a 200×200 pic of the cover, it has nothing to offer if you’re interested in the music on Infernal Messengers. I guess this is the true dream of every cult black metal band, to be so obscure that no one has ever heard you. Mission accomplished, Disharmonic! The band released a full album, evidently on CD, a couple years later, and that also hasn’t even attracted the interest of mp3 pirates. So fucking kvlt. Anyway, Disharmonic are the kind of band that wears bullet belts and bandoliers, while brandishing an axe. And of course, corpse paint. You know they weren’t gonna skip the corpse paint. But yeah, bullets and blades. It seems that if you’re going to carry a few hundred rounds of ammunition, you should perhaps forgo the axe and carry a gun. But that’s not how Disharmonic rolls. Obscure and stupid is a way of life.
— Friar Johnsen

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