WOLFSSCHREI, The Unknown Spectre of Evil  (2010, Black Devastation)

The skull:
If the identity of the spectre of evil is truly unknown, they could have come up with a cover that better obfuscated the evil, because I found it right away! This guy’s peeking out of some random brown Photoshoppery noise that looks like poop and brown Play-Doh smooshed together. Dark, maybe. Kinda bleak, too, if you use your imagination. Somewhat evil, but very well known. 366 times known, actually. And counting…

The music:
Seething, scathing German black metal, an evil whirlwind of sound with a cold, cavernous production. You can probably hear it in your head already. Layered vocals and freezing guitars feature highly in Wolfsschrei’s approach, and for what they’re doing, they’re pretty good, if uneventful. If you like German black metal but don’t favor the necro sound, you might dig these guys, as they’re more Endstille than Moonblood, if you know what I mean. I hear a little Destroyer 666 here too. Oh, and it’s very, very, very fast.
— Friar Wagner

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