DESYBES, RN 6-32-4  (2007, self-released)

The skull:
I’m almost at a loss for words. This cover is an affront to big dumb skull covers everywhere, the very definition of laziness and it displays utterly horrid taste in design. DEATH TO FALSE SKULLS!!! They can’t even come up with a decent title for this EP. None of this bodes well for the music.

The music:
The four songs here are well-rendered but hopelessly faceless modern metal, masquerading as rocking melodic death/thrash. I guess. Although not exactly pristine-sounding, the style of the music here and the look of the dudes has me thinking they’re going for a Scion endorsement, or maybe even a Converse ad. They’d take a small cash infusion from Jagermeister too, if offered. But the music? I guess maybe Gurd meets Soulfly meets a really bad Soilwork song, but that’s being entirely unfair to Soilwork. The world doesn’t need more shitty groove metal, especially French groove metal.
— Friar Wagner

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