P.L.F., Pulverizing Lethal ForceĀ  (2008, Obsessed With Wickedness)

The skull:
Here he is, the Skullmaster General, complete with all-seeing third eye and spike-laden battle helmet! He comes flanked by his rat minions, who will eat anything Skullmaster General does not. The ulna bones (or maybe femur bones) are apparently the remains of a recent meal. At least, that’s what I’m going with. It’s unclear whether they belong to the skull, and they can’t possibly be from the rats. And maybe those rats are actually opossums, judging from their snout. Holy shit, with a scene like this and these sorts of bad-ass characters roaming the nether-regions, anything’s possible!

The music:
17 songs in 20 minutes, woo-hoo! Originally released with a non-skull cover, Obsessed With Wickedness put things to rights and reissued it a year later with this album cover. So, are P.L.F. actually a pulverizing lethal force? They’re definitely pulverizing. “Lethal” is probably open to interpretation, but I’ll give them lethal. This is some incredibly ferocious and energetic death-leaning grindcore. A prerequisite for this sort of thing is total power and, at its very foundations, P.L.F. deliver on “lethal.” A “force” would be like a Napalm Death or even a Nasum, so I’m not sure grind clones like these guys would qualify as a “force.” But that’s really reading way too much into music that’s supposed to be of-the-moment. Here today, gone tomorrow, just like most halfway decent grindcore bands. I’ll admit that P.L.F., while not exactly a force, are just a notch above “halfway decent.” If you dig this stuff, you’ll love it. I’ll stick with Terrorizer and prime-era Napalm Death, because my attention span for this kind of thing is very short beyond the godfathers of the style. Funny little note: Before this album the P.L.F. stood for the apparently ironic Pretty Little Flower. Taking a page out of the Summertime Daisies book, eh guys?
— Friar Wagner

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