HATESPHERE, The Killing EP  (2005, Steamhammer)

The skull:
“That logo look tasteeee, me want to eeeeat!!!” says Cookie Monster-inspired skull Logo Monster. He eats nothing but logos, and finds the Danish ones especially delicious. “Chomp chomp chomp, nom nom nom,” he grunts as he eats. [Observant readers will note that yesterday’s skull, and, incidentally, a Hatesphere-related band, also features a cover with rays emanating from the skull. Apparently Danish metal bands are into rays emanating from skulls. We can offer no reasonable explanation for this.]

The music:
I had very little liking for groove/macho/aggro metal before starting Big Dumb Skulls, and have even less tolerance for it now. Seems these sorts of bands default to the skull more often than most other metal sub-genres. Not surprising, given that its founded on unoriginality and junior high-level subject matter. Oh, “Murderous Intent” is about “revenge” and “vengeance” you remind me?! I see, yes. And “You’re the Enemy” is about retribution. Okay. And I see “The Will of God” is about corrupt priests. So perhaps I’ve been too harsh on Hatesphere, who are clearly treading original ground here. Except for the cover song, “Trip at the Brain” (Suicidal Tendencies), but hey, great choice, that’s a classic.

Come on, I’m being sarcastic. This is lame metal for dumb jocks. They may call it “death/thrash,” but it’s just as easily categorized in the groove/macho/aggro slot. While it’s delivered quite competently, it’s about as exciting as any given Carnal Forge album. Seriously, does anyone really like this kind of sub-sub-sub Pantera-meets-The Haunted-meets-metalcore kinda stuff? There’s a copy on Amazon for one dollar and 35 cents, but even that is way too much to pay.
— Friar Wagner

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