MORBID SLAUGHTER, Wicca (2014, Boris)

The skull:
This valiant skull tried to take a bite (literally!) out of whatever occult, Illuminati organization bears this particular emblem, and look what it got him: a head full of fire. These are powerful people, and not to be trifled with! They install their toothless cronies in the USDA. They set the prices of goat futures with impunity. They cannot be stopped! They condemn lesser skulls than this to be ground into dust and dumped into the sewer. Some forces are simply too vast, too sinister for even the biggest, dumbest skulls, no matter how righteous, but this martyred skull, this crusader for good governance and transparency, shall not be forgotten so long as the name of “Morbid Slaughter” is on the tongues of good people everywhere.

The music:
The first song on this 7″ has three riffs. Three! One is the solo riff, played once, and the other is like a bridge or something, and it comes up a few times, but at least 80% of this song is a single riff, and not a good one at that, but rather some rudimentary take on Venom, played slightly faster than Venom’s default tempo. The vocals are a corny black metal whisper/snarl, and are awful. The second song has slightly more riffs than the first song (like, maybe it has four), but none of them are any better, or more original, then the other three. What a stupid fucking band. Morbid Slaughter are from Peru, where this kind of oldschool garbage never really went out of style, but these guys operate with all the conviction and vitality of a hipster throwback band from Brooklyn. Screw this noise.
— Friar Johnsen

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