LOTRIFY, Demo  (2011, demo)

The skull:
Demo. This is the album cover for this demo, the Lotrify demo. The one called Demo. The one with the skull on it. The one in which the skull cries tears of blood because he’s been relegated to a demo called Demo. From a Swiss band nobody really cares about. But he’s got a massive fucking canine and he’s gonna bite down on that logo for all its worth, to show his fellow skull pals, the ones from the Krokus, Overkill and Saint Vitus covers, that he, too, is to be feared!!!

The music:
Demo. This is music from the demo, the Lotrify demo. The one called Demo. And not only does it sounds like a demo, but the composition and delivery is clearly coming from kids who have just started trying to figure out how to write a song. They’re probably influenced by Metallica, Megadeth, Evergrey and Sanctuary, from the sound of it. They clearly have a long way to go before they can match the achievements of those bands, but they’re clearly capable, from a pure performance level, except for the vocalist. Each instrument-wielder seems pretty capable, the drums and bass sometimes outclassing the occasional ham-fisted guitar part, but for overall it’s a laudable effort. The vocalist, well, he’s pretty much crap. Not only does he warble weakly in his semi-melodic, semi-Hetfield-ian delivery, but the lyrics are laughable. And the songs themselves, these are not great, and are sometimes a hell of a mess (“Shadow of the Unknown”). And guess what “Sahara” does? It features mystical Eastern melodies. Bet you didn’t see that coming. The vocals in “Sahara” are amongst the poorest I’ve heard since starting this blog and these lyrics show that there is not even the slightest attempt at metaphor. This is what’s happening, right here! “I’m walking through Sahara without water in my bag /
The heat is smashing me down and my sight is turning red/ I trip over my own feet and my body hits the sandy floor.” But okay, they’re young. I’d say the cover of Demo advertises exactly what you get when the music starts playing. It’s time to get lotrified people! Lotrify it up! Omednikcufecin!
— Friar Wagner

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