LOBOTOMIA, Lobotomia (1986, New Face)

The skull:
This might just be the most spike-ridden skull in the entire Skullection. This dude was in for a world of hurt when he auditioned for this job. Not only did the artist impale the bastard with long needle-like spikes so he could draw his tortured likeness, he stuck all the drumsticks from his KFC bucket into various orifices of the skull. And where there wasn’t an orifice, the artist made one. And only then did he draw this piece of art. As for the skull, this was low pay for high pain, and he’ll never do this shit again. Dude went home shaken to the core, warning his skull palls to “never, ever, ever apply for that Lobotomia job.” It’s advice any skull would do well to heed.

The music:
In Sao Paulo circa 1986, any band going for a mesh of thrash and speed metal and hardcore could only come out sounding like this…which is to say they sound like early Ratos de Parao. It’s bouncy stuff, especially with that bass guitar sounding like it came off some early Metal Blade album:  fat and prominent, despite being kinda low-fi. The music on the whole is fast, fairly vicious, and raw, but not exactly dark or sinister, unlike the more black/death-oriented extreme metal coming from Brazil at the time. It’s okay but lacks distinctive atmosphere and offers very little in the way of memorability. In the end, my basic response is: “yeah, early Brazilian thrash core…what else ya got?” Next…
— Friar Wagner

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