CHOREA, Vultures / All Shit 7″  (1989, self-released)

The skull:
One year of skulls, and we couldn’t ask for a better send off to 2013. This ridiculous fellow looks like a reject from The Outer Limits’ prop room, all cheap styrofoam and spray paint. The eyes, those comically tiny eyes, were almost certainly pried off a cheap teddy bear, and the teeth might actually be kernels of corn. There are so many of them! A glorious mouthful of oversized choppers. And the look on his face is no-nonsense: “Yeah, yeah, I’m an ugly bastard. I know it and you know it. That’s life, man! Or death, am I right? So, let’s just get down to business…” whatever that sordid business might be.

The music:
Isten calls Chorea speed metal without much further comment, which probably doesn’t bode well for their quality. In any case, there is no audible record of this release on the interwebs, but the guitarist was also in Purity, whose first album is one of the fun, forgotten records that never really had a chance on Black Mark. I also have a soft spot for that band for covering The Police. Alas, Purity are not Chorea, and neither do they have a BDS under their belt, but I must make do with the materials provided me.
— Friar Johnsen