SKULL, You’re Dead (1990, demo)

The skull:
Simple stuff: a wrecked-looking, blinding white skull on black. Has the added appeal of what look like two black guns shoved straight into the eye sockets. Poor guy, he’s not only already dead but apparently couldn’t afford dental insurance while living. That’s some serious bad luck shit right there.

The music:
Second band called Skull for Big Dumb Skulls, this one slightly better known than the Polish band (see Skull13). This Skull is from Sweden, and they feature a former member of Morbid and also have the distinction of appearing on one of the very few metal compilation releases to covet, Projections of a Stained Mind (incidentally, that cover also features a skull). Skull only recorded one demo, and You’re Dead is certainly interesting. It’s only Swedish Death Metal by proxy, because while the guitar tones reminds of early Tiamat and the delivery is fairly demented with very competent performances, Skull are a whole other beast. There’s a strong influence of something that reminds of GBH meets The Accused, and with the chaotic, just-about-ready-to-explode vibe, especially some of the vocals, it’s very hard not to like.
–Friar Wagner