BOMBS OF HADES, Chambers of Abominations (2010, Blood Harvest)

The skull:
It almost appears that at one point this was a much more detailed image, but it had to be repeatedly downgraded because with more detail and sharpness it just looked stupid. As it is, it still looks pretty stupid. I guess maybe you could read it as a big skull graffiti in a cathedral or something, but really it just looks like something thrown together on the library Xerox machine.

The music:
Bombs of Hades are basically working the classic Swedish death metal beat, sounding an awful lot like Nihilist or one of their demo-level peers. They’re not as sophisticated as Entombed, or as fun as Repugnant (to compare them to another clone), but they’re alright. They’ve more or less got the Sunlight sound down, and if you’ve got a hankering for yet another Stockholm style album, then this is as good as any, I suppose. After this, Bombs of Hades started to develop their own sound, mainly by stirring in some black metal and some Motorhead and dialing up the rawness in the production. I have to say, though, that I prefer their original, less original sound. Sometimes it’s best to leave the creative work to the people who are good at it.
— Friar Johnsen