MOSFET, Deathlike Thrash ‘N’ RollĀ  (2012, Refused)

The skull:
Uh oh. This one snuck past the Council’s normally very strict standards. We can clearly see there is more than one skull here. Perhaps the four in the corners were considered so much a decorative part of the border that they were dismissed as mere accoutrement. I don’t know. Somebody’s slipping over there, but I’m not one to criticize the Council so I shall refrain any further comment before they demote me from Friar to Janitor. The skull here, the main one, he’s a shit-kickin’ dust-dog! Smokin’, grinnin’, squintin’, replete with cowboy hat, wings, blood spatter and crossbones. Tattoo-ready! Too bad about the lame band name, but you can tell your tattoo artist to just skip that part. And you’ll save money too.

The music:
Seriously? Are you seriously a deathlike thrash ‘n’ roll band that called your second album Deathlike Thrash ‘n’ Roll??? Mosfet, thank you so much for saving me time! What a lucky break. Here I was, tired of handing out negative reviews to all these mediocre bands and thought “I’m gonna give this Mosfet a little gift and review their album in a totally objective manner, not telling how it is, but only what it is.” But they already did that. Time to kick my feet up and sip on a pina colada from a hollowed-out coconut and take a snooze in the ol’ hammock. Love ya, Mosfet! (Okay, I did listen to the album, couldn’t resist, and stylistically it bears a few similarities to mid-era Sodom, around Masquerade in Blood and Get What You Deserve, and they deliver it professionally enough. It is, indeed, deathlike thrash ‘n’ roll.)
— Friar Wagner