ANGELCRUSHER, Under the Iron Graves  (2011, self-released)

The skull:
Under the iron logo, we could believe that one, right? But I don’t see any sign of an iron grave, and not sure what an iron grave even is. Do they mean casket, or vault? Perhaps “graves” is pronounced grah’-vez and means “vault” in the indigenous tongue of Mapudungun spoken in certain parts of Chile. Then it would totally make sense. Wouldn’t explain the skull at all, most especially its wild horns, but holy god those are some sweet horns.

The music:
Dirty black/thrash inspired by the earliest works of Sodom, Vulcano, Bathory and Sarcofago, one would guess. And really not amongst the most remarkable of the more recent followers in that vein (there really aren’t any leaders in that new-school of the old-school vein, are there)? This forgettable little nugget o’ metal is short,  raw, and originally came out on cassette.
— Friar Wagner