DIABOLIKAL, Devastacion, Aniquilacion, Destruccion  (2008, demo)

The skull:
This guy looks like he was caught with his pants down in the tiny entryway of a mineshaft. Now how the hell did this happen? I can offer no explanation, but the grainy treatment gives it a bleak and spooky feel, helping divert attention from that fact that the skull was caught with his pants down — that is, if he had hips and legs, which there seem to be no evidence for. Still, he looks a bit like the proverbial deer in the headlights, doesn’t he?

The music:
Shitloads of spikes, 25 pounds of leather, loads of chains, crazy-ass corpsepaint and all the right patches on your denim do not automatically guarantee entry into the hall of nekro death/thrash/black infamy. This Chilean band are offering nothing new, interesting, dangerous or diabolical on this five-song, 13-minute demo. Lame music is lame music, no matter how much cool shit you dress it up in. Yet another mediocre metal band not worth remembering.
— Friar Wagner