MERCYLESS, No Hay Paz (2008, KTC Domestic Productions)

The skull:
¿No hay paz? ¡No hay piel! ¡No hay ojos! La paz es el menor de mis problemas. ¡Mírame — soy un cráneo, un cráneo grande y estúpido! Yo existo sólamente en la portada de un CD de Mercyless, y no el grupo francesa, o incluso el grupo sueco que saben cómo deletrear. Te ha venido al hombre equivocado para quejarse de la paz.

The music:
This album, Mercyless’ debut, came out 4 years before yesterday’s Mundo Enfermo, and although the production is a bit shaggier, it’s basically similar sounding, although there’s a little more hardcore in their Hatebreed worship, and maybe even some d-beat. Sergio Saavedra’s vocals are worse (which I might have had difficulty imagining even yesterday), but if you listen to this kind of music, you’re completely immume to bad grunty singing. It might have made more sense for us to review these two albums in the proper chronological order, but The Council is largely unmotivated by the dictates of linear time.
— Friar Johnsen