DEADTHORN, Daleko od Boga… (2010, demo)

The skull:
Appropriately grim and straightforward, this cover shows a skull at the forefront with a headstone looming behind it. The design is very traditional black metal, white on black, no fancy shit whatsoever…although they really could have used a crazier logo.

The music:
Formed by members of all your favorite Polish bands like Anathemized, Grin, Mastiphal and Calvaria, this band offers raw, mid-paced black metal, freezing and bleak in the old school way. Can get a bit chaotic and tedious in faster sections, and a bit dull in the slower passages. The snare drum is a thin, wet slap, which pairs well with the buzzing, treble-loaded guitar tone. Vocals are, surprise surprise, somewhat varied, giving a deathly tone to what is basically Dissection-style death/black meets early Gorgoroth style black metal with a sort of Greek twist, if you know what I mean. Not bad, but not offering anything new either. (Get ready…I say that a lot.)
— Friar Wagner