BROCAS HELM, Blood Machine / Skullfucker (1999, self-released)

The skull:
This skull faces to his right and oozes a blood-like gel (the Hasbro Blood Machine?). Quite miraculously, this gel congeals to form the word “Skullfucker” below him. It’s probably supposed to look bad-ass, but really looks more like a skull dripping red cake frosting from his lower jaw. Let’s get him a spot on America’s Got Talent.

The music:
The not-very-prolific Brocas Helm offered this two-song single in 1999, and while some prior recordings held some impressive moments, these two songs don’t number among their strongest material. They’ve got a manic momentum with some weird vocals and prominent bass playing, and the overall performances are excellent, as is the Brocas Helm standard. They certainly have a sound like no other — at least until The Lord Weird Slough Feg came along and co-opted their approach. “Skullfucker” is the better of the two songs, but ultimately these are two forgettable tunes, which is too bad, because this band can do better than this and usually does.
— Friar Wagner