TOTENKOPF, Fuck With Noise!  (1991, demo)

The skull:
“Totenkopf” means “skull and crossbones” in German, basically. How can we not feel good about these Poles’ decision to name themselves thusly? The word and skull/crossbones design has a link to the Nazi regime, but that’s obviously not the agenda here. And boy, this skull is getting a good bashing-in. It gives me a headache to look at it. Dude’s getting brained like no skull’s ever been brained before! Apparently this is what happens to you if you fuck with noise.

The music:
Stuck in a demo loop, this Friar is, although this one proved too obscure to show its ugly face. I know it’s happened to the good Friar Johnsen a couple times (who’s actually better at finding deeply-hidden obscurities than I), but this is the first time I’ve been unable to locate music on a B.D.S. submission. All I found was an old dead-end Youtube link for the song “P.S.O.O.C. (Paradise System Out of Control).” Considering this demo is just over 21 minutes and features 11 songs plus an intro, and they’re described as “death/grind” on Metal Archives, and they wear Terrorizer and Napalm Death shirts, you can pretty much guess what it’s derivative of. I’ll bet Century Media looked at signing them for half a second, figured the name was too politically incorrect, passed on them, and swung all the way to the other side and signed Rumble Militia. (This doesn’t conform to the historical timeline exactly, but work with me here, okay?)
— Friar Wagner