OSCO, Death (2012, demo)

The skull:
I once did a very similar pencil drawing in art class, only the skull had a hole cut into it and a little peg inserted underneath. It was a birdhouse, you see. How clever I was. The skull was actually very well drawn (I still have it) although that was only possible because I spent hours and hours merely transcribing the lines from a realistic plastic skull I had bought at the Halloween store. I had to ask my art teacher for help with the peg, because I couldn’t get the perspective right without actually seeing the thing in real life. My point is that even a high school kid with almost no artistic skill could have drawn this skull. But it took a real hack, a person of low morals and even lower technical ability, to have inserted these glowing spiders, stars, and #f00 red blood with MS Paint or whatever cheap drawing program came preinstalled on his Dell. The modifications made to this skull drawing practically count as vandalism.

The music:
This demo is the work, I must assume, of a kid in his mid teens, because I refuse to believe that any adult would release something so terrible into the wider world. This kid can’t write, can’t play, can’t growl, has no idea how drums are played (and so no idea how to program lifelike beats), and can’t work Garage Band. This is so bad that it wouldn’t even convince as a jokey ridicule of death metal in a rotten TV show. There doesn’t appear to be any bass at all. There is generally only a single guitar, and that guitar is almost never in time. If you’re a fan of outsider art, then maybe this will tickle every ironic bone in your body. If you’re a fan of the Osco chain of pharmacies, however, you’re in for a rude awakening here.
— Friar Johnsen