VENEMOUS CONCEPT, Retroactive Abortion (2004, Ipecac)

The skull:
“Hey dudes, check out my awesome collage art. I made it from a bunch of 60s Life magazines I found at my grandma’s house, and I think it really makes a statement about war and shit. Yeah, that old bitch is just some cog in the Republican, mainstream meachine, so I didn’t feel bad stealing her old shit, or also this bottle of creme de menthe, so let’s get fucking wasted and listen to Poison Idea!”

The music:
Venemous Concept are a grindcore project from Kevin Sharp, Shane Embury, Danny Herrara, and Buzz Osbourne, and they sound 100% exactly like you’d imagine they’d sound. Actually, they sound 100% exactly like you’d imagine they’d sound just from looking at the cover art. Grindcore is nothing if not predictable. Also, Dan Lilker joined after this album. Like I said: predictable.
— Friar Johnsen