REPENT, Deadly Thrash AttackĀ  (2001, demo)

The skull:
“Howdy! Come on in! Flip up your ballcap brims and skank along with Repent, Germany’s premier thrash metal revival band! We love thrash, especially really thrashy thrash! Come on, you can trust a goony smiling skull like me — this is your life, your thrash!”

The music:
Don’t listen to the skull. He crazy. This band have been pumping out dull assembly-line thrash since 1997, stuff that sounds like third rate Brit-thrash circa 1992. Just what you need, right? Since they’ve been doing it for almost two decades, their tenacity is noted. But pretty much all their releases utilize a skull, or skulls, or skeletons, in various combinations, showing this band is bereft of original ideas across the board and proven over the duration of this 6-song, 19-minute exercise in redundancy.
— Friar Wagner

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