DESMADRATION, Sex, Thrash and Fucking Beers! (2010, demo)

The skull:
No sex. No fucking beers. Just a blood spattered skull (and a pitifully small one at that) to signify thrash. In all things, Desmadration can be counted on to deliver at 33% of peak. At best!

The music:
If Sadus had released four demos before D.T.P., the second one might have sounded like this. Super juvenile thrash played by amateurs and recorded with a boom box. This even comes with the high whine of a poorly aligned tape head, for added authenticity, although I believe the demo was distributed as a highly untrue CDR. Obviously, this is not a band that takes itself too seriously, and I’ve heard worse sounding demos with shittier songs, but my patience for Z-grade rethrash from the warmer nations is beyond strained at this point. I’m at my breaking point, basically. Desmadration are Mexican instead of Brazilian (and if you know your shit well enough, you can already imagine the subtle differences between the respective thrash of those two nations, which are evident here) but they’re still awful and stupid. Will my suffering never end?
— Friar Johnsen

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