SARCASTIC TERROR, Infernal Hatred (1995, Dark Side)

The skull:
Oh, I bet you’ve never seen a skull in the clouds before. No, sir, this is a totally original piece of work, and brilliantly executed at that. The way the bone fades into the sky is utterly convincing, and the big, awesome logo/eyepatch doesn’t at all detract from the symmetry of the design. BOO!

The music:
Gurgly death metal that sounds to me kind of like early Earache material, like Carcass, but slower. So basically, like Bolt Thrower trying to sound like Carcass. With Chris Barnes singing. Only way less fun than all of that sounds. WAY less. I’ve heard worse. I probably own worse. But, this is some seriously dull shit in my book, and considering this half-of-a-split-CD is the only commercial release from Sarcastic Terror, I’m just gonna go ahead and call this “inessential.”
— Friar Johnsen

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