TANK GENOCIDE, Honor and Blood (2012, demo)

The skull:
At least half of the approximately 400 Tank Genocide demos feature a Big Dumb Skull, but we’ve randomly selected only a couple to showcase the band’s commitment to the form. This is actually not even the original cover of this demo – the original featured a viking skull kind of like the one in the band’s (obviously unreadable) logo. The first cover wasn’t as fully skully as this, but I think it’s worth mentioning. Funny how every Tom, Dick, and Varg wants to stake a claim on pseudo-Norse badassery, even when the Dick in question is a French cunt whose pagan ancestors worshipped a pig and the Gallic equivalent of Hermes, god of travel. Swap out the horns on the helmet for wings, and the braided locks for soft Grecian curls, and you’d hit the mark exactly.

The music:
It galls me (ha!) to even acknowledge this shitbag’s existence in print, but my masters in The Council demand it of me, and I obey. This is ultrashitty bedroom Nazi black metal that’s exceptionally bad even by the standards of the genre. It gives me some solace to know that the men who would overturn the world order in order to murder and enslave minorities are so completely incompetent, but it’s still very, very sad to think there’s someone out there who would write a song called “Anders Breivik is a Hero.” Then again, it’s sort of hilarious that someone would record two different versions of said song: the one on this demo is actually “Anders Breivik is a Hero (Version Doom),” because evidently the original tempo wasn’t sufficient to convey Razor’s admiration for one of the most awful people in the world. Razor, by the way, is the nom-de-plume of the fat, chinless, Vichy jizzhole who evidently has nothing better to do with his house arrest than churn out 24 demos in a year. Fuck this guy and fuck every guy like him.
— Friar Johnsen

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