AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR, Skull Torture (2012, demo)

The skull:
Sure, it looks like a skull on a stake, but look closer at that alleged pike: doesn’t it look a lot like these? And if that’s just a concrete nail, then this skull is incredibly tiny. I think the artiste who crafted this fine piece of art just pulled the skeleton out of his aquarium and popped the skull onto a nail for his model. I suppose that constitutes torture of a sort. Or maybe it’s the most horrifying torture you can subject a skull to, rendering him badly for a shitty demo. “Tell me everything I wish to know, aquarium skull!” “You can’t break me! I’ll never talk!” “Very well. Then it won’t bother you at all if I submit this crudely sketched likeness to a bunch of Swedish posers for their old school black metal demo.” “You wouldn’t!” “I would, mister skull, and if you don’t start cooperating, the next drawing is going to a death metal band in Ecuador.” “NOOOOOOO!!!!!!”

The music:
This plays a little like a parody of the first Bathory album, with songs built on braindead Venom-style riffs (like, two per song), croaky frogman vocals, and lyrics that would have been too dumb for Tom Angelripper circa 1982. I can’t imagine a person who would like this demo and also enjoy the humor of Big Dumb Skulls, but on the off chance you listen to this kind of thing ironically, well, bust out your mustache wax because it’s going to be an event to remember.
— Friar Johnsen

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