WITH HIS BLOOD, Disdain (2012, self-released)

The skull:
When your using stencils to make your graffiti, you should really tape them to the wall, or else you’re going to misalign everything and overspray everything to hell. If you want to be a top tier street artist, you really gotta pay attention to craft! You think Banksy works this way? Fuck no!

The music:
Ah, crabcore, how I’ve missed you! In the early days of Big Dumb Skulls, it seemed like I was listening to something like this every week or two, some steaming pile of ToonTrack samples, bass drops, and numetal grooves retooled for 8 string guitars. And With His Blood are doubly awesome/shitty for being Christian. At least, I’m going to assume they’re Christian, what with that band name and song titles like “Condemn” and “Product of Sin”. Not that it matters – making a band this stupid Christian is like adding one to infinity. I’d rather listen to a thousand Peruvian death metal demos than another disc like this because even the most unimaginative bullet belter has some measure of musical integrity, while these slam holes are basically metaphors come to life for empty adolescent rage. With beards.
— Friar Johnsen

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