NUCLEAR ABOMINATION, Nuclear’N’Fucking Roll (2010, demo)

The skull:
This skull is obviously related to this guy, what with the radiation symbol monocle, so maybe this is black metal? But not so fast: a black metal band would never use that kind of typewriter font for the title. That’s obviously the work of a crust or grindcore band. Except, hold on, that logo could only be for a thrash band (pentagram be damned!), and in the roshambo of logo/image/typeface, logo always wins. This is thrash. And so concludes today’s lesson in heavy metal visual taxonomy. This will be on the test.

The music:
If, looking at this cover, you suspected that Nuclear Abomination would sound like demo-era Toxic Holocaust, then I will applaud your stereotyping instincts, because that’s exactly what Nuclear Abomination sounds like. They’re maybe a little more thrash and a little less hardcore, but definitely in the same vein. Like Toxic Holocaust, Nuclear Abomination are a band with mediocre riffs, bad vocals, and a pervasive corniness, but Nuclear Abomination clearly take themselves (or himself, I should properly say) even as seriously as their (his) American counterpart(s). I mean, you wouldn’t name your demo Nuclear’N’Fucking Roll if you were serious, right? And you definitely wouldn’t name it that if you last demo was called Nuclear’N’Roll. But then again, what isn’t improved by more Fucking? Anyway, back to the Toxic Holocaust comparisons: Nuclear Abomination released this demo as a limited cassette, so it’s probably already too late for you to be a completist when it comes to this band, but then again, the hunt for all this rare crappy rethrash is definitely way more fun than actually listening to it, and if that’s the thing that really tweaks your nips, you’d better start penpalling with the most underground Frenchmen you can find, because you’re gonna have to dig deep for this one.
— Friar Johnsen

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