NAISSANT, Promo 1999 (1999, demo)

The skull:
Though he bears some similarities to SKULL148, this fellow’s horns are stubbier, less developed, nascent, you could say. But while Takashi’s metallic hornyskull looks to have been fashioned from modelling clay and silver spray paint, Naissant’s cover-adorning BDS is more likely an extreme close up of a chintzy skull ring, possibly obtained for the Greek equivalent of twenty-five cents from a vending machine at a supermarket in Athens. Bonus points are awarded for the drippy, Misfits-esque, best of 1987 horror font. It’s a classic for a reason.

The music:
Reputedly black metal, Naissant left almost no digital trace of this lone recording, released on cassette. Most of the members have gone on to other bands in the Greek scene, but poor ol’ Promo 1999 has thus far failed to inspire even a single upload. While I lament not being able to more fully report on this Big Dumb Skull, I can’t say I’m disappointed that I didn’t have to listen to what is most likely a terrible demo.
— Friar Johnsen


LEGION666, Outbreak of Evil (2003, Iron Bonehead Productions)

The skull:
Charming in its hand-drawn crudeness, you can’t lose with an inverted crucifix slapped on the forehead and the title lettering dripping blood, or dripping some black shit that looks like blood. Totally “cult” in appearance, the eye holes of this skull have a curiously odd shape about them, looking more like designer sunglasses than legitimate eye sockets. They’d be called “Fat Casket, by Prada,” and this would be the company’s advertisement for said shades. It could happen.

The music:
This is Legion666’s side of a split shared with fellow Canadian black/thrash band Megiddo. Since Legion666’s original music is akin to Amebix meets early Sodom, it’s wholly appropriate that the bands cover Amebix and Sodom on this split. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, eh? So, do Legion666 do anything unusual or interesting with Sodom’s “Outbreak of Evil”? Not really. It recreates the trashy production and unchained ferocity of the original, but it’s crustier in a way where you just know at least half the band wear dreadlocks or have their hair crimped a la Axegrinder. And if they don’t, they should. I guess it’s worth one listen…but only one.
— Friar Wagner